Prepare for the onslaught!

I was answering a question about Story Deadlocks on a Q&A site. You can see the question here.

I suggested converting the game to a front, if he met a deadlock. During my answer I made a very short guide, ending with an example. It was intended to be non-system-specific, which influences it a little.

You can read the final draft of my example below, and if executed right, this adventure can get very “Siege Troll Friendly”. Read the Impending Doom if you are confused. Enjoy!

Beyond the Dark Portal

Danger: Hordes: Barbarians (Impulse: to plunder and pillage)

Impending Doom: The city of Whateverthenameburg is crushed by the barbarian onslaught!

Grim Portents

  • Several smaller villages has been sacked, survivors flees to Whateverthenameburg.
  • Werewolves prowl the countryside, slaughtering people and cattle alike!
  • The city of Whateverthenameburg declares Martial Law after riots among refugees.

Stake questions

  • What lies on the other side of the Dark Portal?
  • What is Chieftain Gobzug’s motive to destroy Whateverthenameburg?
  • How are the werewolves connected to the horde?


  • Chieftain Gobzug, of the Bear Clan.
  • Suntog, the Shaman.
  • One-Eye Longfang, werewolf pack alpha.

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2 responses to “Prepare for the onslaught!”

  1. Nifelhein says :

    I need to mess around with some fronts to make sure I get my mind in the correct thought pattern.

    • Undreren says :

      I did too. It’s supposed to be all about establishing “What MIGHT happen”, and what you want to know, instead of what you know and what WILL happen.

      I think Fronts are a beautiful idea. They are just very different from how we are used to prepare for gaming sessions.

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