Here, my Christmas present, for you!

First, I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas, although a day late. I’m truly sorry, but life interfered yesterday. I’m sure everyone knows why.

Because of this, I wish to give you all a present! Yes, that’s right. I’ve cooked up something special for you lot, something to “warm” your hearts.

The Fimbul, heralds of Winter

No one knows where they came from, but they struck with the fury of a thousand hard winters. Wherever they went, only ice and corpses remained, towns and steadings leveled to make room for the frozen tundra that spreads in their wake.

The Fimbul, as they were called, were rightly feared. They snuffed out all flames, ending all warmth, slew every living creature. No one could feel safe. The few survivors told stories of snow in summer, falling mere hours before they struck.

What are these creatures, and what is their true purpose? Only true heroes can answer this question.

Frostling Horde, Tiny
Icy Claws (d6-2 Damage) 3 HP 0 Armor
Special Qualities: Immune to cold
No larger than a common house cat, these small, white, furry critters pose no real danger by themselves. When they gather in large hordes however, they become unstoppable. Brandishing long sharp claws that are more akin to icicles, they claw out the eyes of their prey and slash their veins, spilling their warm blood on the frozen ground. Instinct: To end all warmth.
  • Overwhelm someone
  • Snuff out fires
  • The Coldhearted Group, Intelligent
    Frostblade (d8 Damage) 10 HP Armor
    Special Qualities: Immune to cold
    Many of the Fimbuls’ victims are changed by the unnatural cold that follows them. They rise again after death, and from this moment on, nothing of that person remains, their souls replaced by an eternal hatred towards the living. Instinct: To butcher the living.
  • Reawaken a slain corpse
  • Butcher the defenseless
  • Frostmaw Solitary, Large, Messy
    Massive Jaws
    (d10+1 Damage, +1 Piercing)
    16 HP 3 Armor
    Close, Reach
    Special Qualities: Immune to cold
    Where the frostlings are small, these monsters are big and terrifying. They are covered in a thick shell of transparent ice, revealing a pale blue flame that burns where it heart should be. Strong enough to tear a man in half, this beast is a threat to everything in its path. Instinct: To spread the cold.
  • Breath forth frost
  • Bite a limb off
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