The game that went bad…

… in-game, luckily. Last session was a blast, even though everything went to hell and back again. As you might know, I prepared a front for the game, even though it contributed little to the player’s experience, since everything and it’s mother went against the players!

It was glorious. First thing first; the players got back to Threebridges, and told the mayor, Dunstan, what they have learned. They decide to camp outside the city to escape notice from the cultist infiltrators.

They leveled up during downtime, Falafael bought multiclass dabbler and got Wizard Spellcasting, and Sinathel grabbed elemental mastery.

They went to the inn to hire some additional hands. This is where everything went bonkers; Sinathel aided Falafael, when rolling for recruitment, as per the move. Both rolled a miss. Trouble is brewing…

So, as they walk around trying to hire some help, Dunstan the mayor comes in, demanding they take him with them. Even though he wants revenge for the murder of his daughter, they dismiss him. He’s fuming at this point, so a friendly soul comes along, taps him on the shoulder and tells him to go home. Meet Rudiger, a villager who wish to tag along.

The player’s didn’t exactly say what they were setting out to do, only that they “are going south to explore some dangerous ruins”. This is a lie of course, they wanted to avoid attracting the attention of the cultists infiltrating the city. They accept Rudiger’s help, but they are mistrustful, since he seemingly popped out of nowhere.

The travel south out the city. After walking for about 20 minutes they reach a forest area, and the begin travelling north, in a wide arc around the city, heading for the tower in the swamps. They fill Rudiger in on what they’re doing, carefully studying him to test if he’s really as unknowing as he acts. Another miss. Perfect! I just told them that he looked really surprised.

Sinathel transform into a sparrowhawk, flying back to see if they are followed. He doesn’t spot anyone, so he flies toward the tower to see if the cultists have made preparations. They didn’t doubt they had noticed the bodies they left behind.

As Sinathel is away, Falafael is alone with Rudiger. After a few minutes they are attacked by an owlbear in the woods, and Rudiger seemed to give it orders to kill Falafael, who had now drawn his bow. Falafael placed an arrow firmly in the thigh of Rudiger, and escaped the owlbear, loosing it in the swamp.

I the meantime, Sinathel had entered the tower and were currently fighting for his life. As he fought some of the cultists, Falafael arrives and helps him out. Sinathel uses elemental mastery to make some stone explode in a shower of molten lava, killing one of the cultists. The lava flows down the stairs, nearly claiming the life of Falafael, but he evades.

They were inevitably captured by the cultists though, and were led down into the caverns below, stripped of their weapons, except for a concealed dagger, hidden up Falafael’s sleeve. They are tied up, and one of the cultists is put on watch, while the other is going for help. Needless to say, the cultist is killed by a 600 pound bear… They reclaim their gear and carries on.

They escape, but in the darkness they are attacked by an owlbear. Sinathel decides to use elemental mastery again, trying to form stalagmites to skewer the owlbear. This time he misses, so instead everything goes out of control; he instead causes a cave in, killing the owlbear, but blocking their way back.

In the room they are forced into, some cultists have taken up arms, only clad in undergarments. This was a sleeping quarter of sorts. They defeated the cultists, beheading one and subduing the rest. They bound them and made camp, getting a rest to escape the horrors of a remaining 5 hp each…

They woke up and forced three of the cultists to dig their way through the cave in. It took well over half a day, but they eventually made a hole big enough for two scrawny elves to climb through. They knocked the cultists out and tied them up again.

As they search the owlbear, Falafael claimed some of its feathers, as they could be used as a temporary supply of arcane ingredients. He uses them to cast an invisibility spell on himself while Sinathel changes shape into a bat with poor eyesight. And guess what; another miss!

Basically, this is where the session ended; the Fighter running around, thinking he’s invisible, and the druid can’t tell him he’s not, because he can’t actually see him anyway. Hooray! They’re gonna die next session…

We laughed so hard during this session, because every time they made rolls, everything went from bad to worse. It was so freaking hilarious.

As you know, I made a front after the first session. I want to stay true to my prep, but I’m afraid that their current condition will kill them, the fighter thinking he’s invisible and all that. I know what’s in the next room, and it’s not pretty. Luckily for them, they know something’s in there. The druid spent a hold to use his awesome powers of echolocation to get an idea of how many people were in the next room. I just told them “a lot”. Hopefully, this gives them a clue to be cautious…

This was the second session of the “The Rise of Ri’leth” adventure. The write up for the first session can be found here, and the write up for the third session can be found here.


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3 responses to “The game that went bad…”

  1. chindividual says :

    Great fun can be had with sessions that just get worse and worse with every roll. Great write-up!

    One a sidenote, I hope you noticed that the name “Falafael” almost sounds like falafel, the delicious dish. Could just be my immature mind, but if I had a character named like that at the table, the jokes would practically write themselves 😉

    • Undreren says :

      Yeah, it’s not a very seriously toned game. When he introduced his character, he literally said “I’m an elven Fighter called Falafael – NO JOKES!”

      He said that Falafael meant something profound in elven, but has realized that his name is somewhat of a joke in human lands.

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