A Mystical Warrior approaches…

I was bored, so I created a Compendium Class. It is meant to match the mystical warrior archetype, it is #FighterWeek after all. Enjoy!

Disciple of the Sapphire Tower

When you have been accepted as a disciple of the Sapphire Tower and undergone the Rite of Joining, the next time you gain a level you can choose this move instead of a move from your class:

Rite of Joining
You have formed a mystical bond with a weapon of your choice, and you are forever more inseparable. The weapon gets the thrown tag, and you can instantly call it to your hand with a thought, no matter where it is and whoever holds it.

After you have taken the Rite of Joining move, the following moves count as advanced class moves for you and may be taken upon level-up:

Spatial Ambiguity
As you can call your weapon to your hand, so too can you pass the space in between you and it. When you are separated from your weapon, you can choose to move your physical body anywhere within reach of your bonded weapon.

Eyes of Steel
You can apply all your senses as though you stood anywhere within reach of your bonded weapon.


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About Undreren

I'm a university student from Denmark, currently taking my candidate degree in Mathematical-Economics. I have played pen & paper RPG's since 2004, but my interest for the phenomenon sparked about 3 years prior to that. I'm an amateur programmer and knows Java and Haskell as well as some rudimentary HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

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