A new agenda

No, not like a new Dungeon World GM Agenda. I just wanted to inform everyone that I’m going to add custom content six days per week from now on, even if it’s something simple like a move.

I feel this is going training for myself, as it is helpful when improvising during the game. Especially with the monster moves and such.

If I can’t make it one day, I vow to make up for it over time, double posting one day if necessary. Unless I’m on vacation of course 😉

I hope you will find the material both useful and enjoyable!


About Undreren

I'm a university student from Denmark, currently taking my candidate degree in Mathematical-Economics. I have played pen & paper RPG's since 2004, but my interest for the phenomenon sparked about 3 years prior to that. I'm an amateur programmer and knows Java and Haskell as well as some rudimentary HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

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