Disciples of the Sapphire Tower

Since my new agenda was posted today, I feel I should elaborate on the Sapphire Tower disciples that my previously posted compendium class is about, and make a monster resembling a “typical” warrior from the Sapphire Tower. You can find the compendium class here, and the monster here.

So, what is these Sapphire Tower fellows all about? I created the class because I felt the “mystical warrior” archetype is missing a bit. I didn’t want to make it a full class, because I had a hard time seeing how it wouldn’t just become another re-flavored fighter.

The compendium class was partly inspired by the Athame Warrior from Arcana Evolved. I really loved that class, it was a spell caster, who bonded with his weapon and used it to cast spells. He also got a lot of wicked magic-like abilities he could only use in conjunction with his weapon. I wanted this class to emphasize the “unity” of the weapon and its wielder, so I intentionally avoided the spell casting stuff.

As for the name, it just kind of sounded right somehow. It evoked awesome pictures in my head, and felt like it was fantastic the way fantasy should be. Well, that’s just how I felt. There’s no background for the Sapphire Tower, I’m sorry if that disappoint, but I think it would be better to let the player and GM work on it

While the compendium class was designed for warriors, I’d imagine that a Thief with a precise weapon could have loads of fun with it, especially the Spatial Ambiguity move, as it gives him a means to teleport around, and bypass some obstacles in interesting ways. Example:

GM: They have taken your weapons, and thrown you in jail. The guard outside your cell is snoring. What do you do?
Thief: I recall my weapon, and throw it through the bars. I then teleport outside the cell, and kill the sleeping guard.

The above could be done by any class that was a Disciple of the Sapphire Tower, but it just feels so “rogue”, if you know what I mean.


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