Words of Power and Promise

I always loved the thought of having oaths mean something in games, giving them some kind of mystical power. Speaking an oath shouldn’t be done lightly in a fantasy universe. Who knows which forces will hold you to it?

Me and a friend was thinking about designing an RPG at one point, but we only ended up having an outline of the setting, nothing written down. One of the things we wanted was for some people to be able to make oaths enforced by the cosmos, granting them the power to fulfill their promise.

I really loved the idea, so I decided to turn it into a compendium class.

The Oathspeaker

When you have spoken an oath of vengeance and murder and then killed your quarry, the next time you gain a level you can choose this move instead of a move from your class:

Oath of Vengeance and Murder
When you swear an oath of vengeance and murder aloud, roll+CHA. *On a 10+, a spirit of vengeance grants you power; choose 2. *On a 7-9, as 10+, but choose only 1:

  • Deal +1d4 extra damage to your quarry.
  • You know where your quarry is at all times.
  • Your quarry does not know you are out to kill him.

You are released from your oath when your quarry is dead, and until then the spirits will not grant you power for speaking further Oaths of Vengeance and Murder.

After you have taken the Oath of Vengeance move, the following moves count as advanced class moves for you and may be taken upon level-up:

Oath of the Martyr
When you speak an oath of protection aloud, a spirit of sacrifice will magically link you to the person you promise to protect. Take +1 when defending them, and whenever they take damage, you absorb half of it rounded up, ignoring armor. This oath lasts until they release you from your vow.

Oath of the Quest
When you swear an oath aloud, promising to undertake a quest, roll+CHA. *On a 10+, a spirit of guidance will hear your plea and give you sage advice. Gain 2 preparation that can only be used to further the completion of your quest. *On a 7-9, as 10+, but gain only 1 preparation. *On a 6-, you still get 1 preparation, but the task will be harder than you thought. The GM will tell you how.

Resilient Oath
Take +1 to Last Breath rolls for as long as you are bound by an oath.


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I'm a university student from Denmark, currently taking my candidate degree in Mathematical-Economics. I have played pen & paper RPG's since 2004, but my interest for the phenomenon sparked about 3 years prior to that. I'm an amateur programmer and knows Java and Haskell as well as some rudimentary HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

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