Communities And People In Conflict

OK, it’s been slow lately, I’ll acknowledge that. The exams have been tough on me, but luckily they’re over soon.

As an apology, I’m sharing this crazy interesting post I stumbled upon. It’s really thoughtful, and it actually made my stomach turn a little. Can’t explain why. Enjoy!


About Undreren

I'm a university student from Denmark, currently taking my candidate degree in Mathematical-Economics. I have played pen & paper RPG's since 2004, but my interest for the phenomenon sparked about 3 years prior to that. I'm an amateur programmer and knows Java and Haskell as well as some rudimentary HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript.

2 responses to “Communities And People In Conflict”

  1. Jack Colby says :

    The funny thing about that phrase “kill things and take their stuff” is that it is a poor plan of action in older versions of the game. Getting the stuff is important, as it grants you xp needed to advance. But the “killing things” part is very risky, and as likely to get you killed in the process. Far better to find a way around the monsters and just get the stuff! 😉

    • Undreren says :

      Looting dungeons 101: fight as few monsters as possible. The same loot, but with less broken bones 😀

      I think that train of thought stopped, when the developers began giving advice on how to “properly balance encounters”. Suddenly, everything could be won at sword point.

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