Perhaps my best “hard choice” to date

Eric and Bastien asked me if we could play again. Naturally I said yes, as I wanted to see what would become of Falafael the Fighter and Sinathel the Druid.

I’m not going to make a long breakdown of that session. Instead I’ll share the results of a miss that really changed how the session went about.

They were undertaking a perilous journey through the Blue Mountains, and Falafael had only just enough rations for the 5 day trip. Sinathel was the Scout, as per the move, and Falafael was the Trailblazer. Falafael rolled a miss on his roll+WIS, and for once I decided not to externalize the trouble, since Eric is pretty happy with having a pretty stupid elf with a wisdom of 8. So, they got lost.

Sinathel shapeshifted into bird form, scouting the area for a way to Khaz-Nog-Drach, the dwarven city they were heading to. He rolled a partial, so I gave him an ugly choice; they could backtrack, adding two days to their travel total, or they could get there within a day by taking a shortcut through a mountain pass just ahead. The catch was that there was a 10 meter tall Mountain Giant slumbering there.

The decided that adding two days to their journey was too risky, as they would be relying on finding food along the way for Falafael. Besides, the Giant only really posed a threat for Falafael, since Sinathel could just fly over.

All in all, getting lost was a problem almost exclusively to Falafael, which wasn’t that bad considering he was the one rolling the miss. So the rest of the session was more or less about how to avoid a confrontation with a Mountain Giant, which they of course did not succeed at. The did take the fellow down though in a pretty awesome fight.


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4 responses to “Perhaps my best “hard choice” to date”

  1. acritarche says :

    Actually, we did pass by him without waking him up. However there was this story about a marvelous gem on the giant’s necklace that a certain earth spirit asked me to deliver last session in exchange of his favor… and a certain DM who really badly wanted that giant to wake up!

    • Undreren says :

      Hey, I get to do what I want when you guys roll misses! And yes, I did want him to wake up, but him waking up wasn’t meant to be an instant conflict, which it also weren’t. I just wanted to make your lives harder. πŸ™‚

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