Partial Success is a blog written by Kasper “Undreren” Allerslev, a gamer since 2004.

In this blog I share my experiences GM’ing Dungeon World, both good and bad, and try to help people learn from his successes and mistakes.

The name of the blog comes from a popular forum slang for one of the Dungeon World mechanics. A partial success, which is more correctly termed a “weak hit”, refer to a success with a compromise or cost, which is a good analogy for how most of my gaming sessions turn out in real life. They are never a complete success, but they are also never a complete failure.

To a lesser extend, it is also a blog about my thoughts on gaming and GM’ing in general, and my small projects. I will from time to time post my original content here, free of charge. I hope you will find the material as fun to read and use as it is for me to create!

2 responses to “About”

  1. PJ Rake says :

    Awesome blog!!! I love it!!!

    Quick question: do you use miniatures when playing Dungeon World or is it all “Theater of the Mind”? Thanks!

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