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Aftermath of Bard Week

During Bard Week I created six compendium classes of varying quality, each representing a different kind of performance. The concept was that the entry move should be a boost to Arcane Performance, and the rest should just be related to the type of performance, even if only vaguely.

The compendium classes are, in order of creation:

  1. The Wardancer
  2. The Rhymer
  3. The Godsinger
  4. The Bongó el Monte
  5. The Alpine
  6. The Headbanger

Formatting style is ruthlessly stolen from Tim Franzke, the guy who normally makes all the compendium classes. You should check his content out as well! You can find it here. Don’t forget to bookmark!

If you are going to use any of them in a game, or already does, then give me a message and tell me how it plays!


Celebrating Bard Week!

So, yesterday Bard Week started on The Dungeon World Tavern over on Google+. In honor of that, I have made a compendium class for Bards who include breakdancing in their Arcane Performances. You can see it below, but first I’d like you to see this on air hangout I participated in as a kickoff for Bard Week along side Tim Franzke (the host) and Joe Banner! We discussed the class in depth, both the fiction and the moves!

Athosian Wardancer

When you have been tutored in the secrets of the wardancer, you may take this move the next time you level:

Dazzling Wardance
When you make the dance of war as a part of your arcane performance, on a hit you can move between foes without endangering yourself and you get +1 hold next time you defend in this battle.

Once you’ve taken “Dazzling Wardance,” the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves, you may choose from this list when you gain a level.

Air Flares
When you make the “air flares” dance move roll+CON. On a 10+ you can briefly fly and can carry a nearby ally into an advantageous position. Your GM will give you a choice between two such positions. On a 7-9 you also get slightly dazed and take -1 forward as you vision keeps spinning for a while.

The Windmill
When you make the “windmills” dance move roll+CON. On a 10+ you create a wave of repulsion that will blow back any enemies at close range. On a 7-9 it goes out of control and you blow away all allies as well.

Street Cred
Your mad dancing skills attract all the b-boys and flygirls in town. When you make a street performance showcasing your latest and most difficult moves roll+CHA. On a hit you attract a group of fans. On a 7-9 they can introduce you to some useful and influential people in the city’s underground. On a 10+ one of the fans has some influence in the city’s underground milieu and is willing to pull some strings for you.

The inspiration for the windmill and air flares was harvested for this neat site, so check it out! It’s a list of the 25 craziest breakdancing moves that’ll be pretty awesome to see even if you don’t normally have any interest in breakdancing.

Back to the tavern…

If you care to celebrate bard week with us, then join us on the tavern! I have a vote going about what other Compendium Classes I should make, so come on in and join the party!

Bracers with an edge

It has been declared Thief Week on the Dungeon World Tavern, the DW community on G+, and in that light, I’m converting a magic item from 4th Edition D&D to Dungeon World.

Bracers of Infinite Daggers

This pair of magical bracers carry the sigil of the moon and looks inconspicuous at a glance, but a closer look reveals a hidden compartment in each, sporting the hilt of a dagger. These daggers can be pulled out and used as weapons, and they are balanced as throwing weapons. It carries a lot of daggers, a new hilt appearing every time you pull one of them. It eventually runs dry, but it replenishes itself at every moon rise.

When you roll a 7-9 result on a volley, you may mark ammo instead of choosing the other options, even though you are using a thrown weapon.

When you’ve marked of all the ammo, no new daggers can be pulled out until the next moon rise. At every moon rise, the bracers regain 1 ammo to a maximum of 2.

Tags: Weight 1, Ammo 2.

Of Wing and Tide

This is a Compendium Class I promised Tim Franzke on G+ to do a week or two ago. Sorry for the wait buddy!

The intend of this Compendium Class is to mimic Talrand, a merfolk “sky summoner” from the Magic: the Gathering card game:

TalrandSkySummoner_M13_1920x1080_WallpaperExcept for the names of the moves, which we sort of decided upon together, I got a pretty free reign.

Summoner of Sky and Sea

When you have received the blessing of The Water Wyrm, the next time you gain a level you can choose this move instead of a move from your class:

Serpents of the Sky
When you are in danger and call to the skies for aid, roll+INT. *On a hit , a Drake Hireling, with Warrior 1 and large enough to carry a rider, comes to your aid. *On a 10+, it has Warrior 2 instead. *On a miss you still get one in addition to whatever the GM says. They leave when their services are no longer needed.

After you have taken the Serpents of the Sky move, the following moves count as advanced class moves for you and may be taken upon level-up:

Trident of Salt
When you call upon the power of salt, a trident made entirely out of salt appears in your hand. It has reach. roll+INT. *On a 10+, choose 2 from the list below. *On a 7-9, choose 1.

  • You avoid paying the price of the Sea.
  • It deals +2 damage.
  • It has the mystic tag.

When the trident leaves your hand, it crumbles and disappears.

The mystic tag means that you add your INT when rolling for Hack & Slash instead of STR.

Master of Tides
A fast, black frigate obeys your every command. You can call it forth in any larger body of salt water, and it will descent to the depths again at your whim. It needs no crew to operate, but it has a captain’s cabin and hammocks for 20 crew members. It also sports a cargo bay that can support 2000 weight of cargo. Once it descents, any remaining cargo is lost to the sea, along with all the unfortunate guests still on or below deck.

Release the Kraken
When you _take on the form of the octopus_, roll+INT. ✴On a 10+ hold 3. ✴On a 7–9 hold 2. ✴On a miss hold 1 in addition to whatever the GM says.
You gain all physical qualities of a giant octopus and gain the large tag, though your stats do not change. Once you’re out of hold, you return to your natural form. At any time, you may spend all your hold and revert to your natural form. You can spend your hold one for one to make the moves below:

  • Pin someone down.
  • Move something heavy.
  • Spray ink.
  • Hide with camouflage.

A Blast of Bronze and Brass

I wanted to write something profound about this, but the idea just came to me. There’s really nothing else to say. Here, have a magic items. 🙂

The Horn of Sudden Storms
This horn has been carried by many warlords before you and has granted great victories to each them. It only requires your breath, yet if it takes that away from you, how can you defend yourself against your foes? Some learned the answer to this question a little too late; you can’t. This Horn will literally steal your breath, should it find you unworthy…

When you sound the Horn of Sudden Storms, roll+CON.
*On a 10+, a violent wind erupts from the Horn. It is strong enough to send your enemies flying before you, if only for a moment.
*On a 7-9, as with 10+, though the Horn takes its toll. You can’t muster to strength to blow the Horn again until you have had time to sit down and take a short rest. Until then, take -1 ongoing.
*On a 6-, the Horn finds you unworthy and steals your breath. You can do nothing but pant and gasp for a few minutes.

Through the sewers

A not so long time ago, I played a one-shot where the players went through some sewers. I asked them where they wanted to go, and just said they arrived.

The game as a whole was pretty awesome, but that sewer thing just began bugging me afterwards. I think it would have been more fun to resolve with a custom move, so I’ve come up with one, just for kicks.

The sewers of Davenport
When you enter the sewers of Davenport, say where you want to go, and roll+INT. Take +1 if you have a map of the sewers. *On a 10+, you get there, no trouble. *On a 7-9, you get where you want to go, but choose two:

  • You avoid getting attacked by the Sewer Lads gang on your way.
  • You find your way before you have to Make Camp.
  • You convince the guard to unlock the sewer grate for you without a bribe.

The first “minor consequence” for the 7-9 result comes from the fiction; there was a lot of gangs roaming the slums around town, from which there was easy access to the sewers. The third also comes from the fiction, because we had established that there were corrupt guards, guarding the entrances to the sewers, mainly to prevent people from sneaking in to the Noble’s District, which was under a lockdown. The middle option just “made sense” to me somehow, that the sewer was a maze to navigate.

Words of Power and Promise

I always loved the thought of having oaths mean something in games, giving them some kind of mystical power. Speaking an oath shouldn’t be done lightly in a fantasy universe. Who knows which forces will hold you to it?

Me and a friend was thinking about designing an RPG at one point, but we only ended up having an outline of the setting, nothing written down. One of the things we wanted was for some people to be able to make oaths enforced by the cosmos, granting them the power to fulfill their promise.

I really loved the idea, so I decided to turn it into a compendium class.

The Oathspeaker

When you have spoken an oath of vengeance and murder and then killed your quarry, the next time you gain a level you can choose this move instead of a move from your class:

Oath of Vengeance and Murder
When you swear an oath of vengeance and murder aloud, roll+CHA. *On a 10+, a spirit of vengeance grants you power; choose 2. *On a 7-9, as 10+, but choose only 1:

  • Deal +1d4 extra damage to your quarry.
  • You know where your quarry is at all times.
  • Your quarry does not know you are out to kill him.

You are released from your oath when your quarry is dead, and until then the spirits will not grant you power for speaking further Oaths of Vengeance and Murder.

After you have taken the Oath of Vengeance move, the following moves count as advanced class moves for you and may be taken upon level-up:

Oath of the Martyr
When you speak an oath of protection aloud, a spirit of sacrifice will magically link you to the person you promise to protect. Take +1 when defending them, and whenever they take damage, you absorb half of it rounded up, ignoring armor. This oath lasts until they release you from your vow.

Oath of the Quest
When you swear an oath aloud, promising to undertake a quest, roll+CHA. *On a 10+, a spirit of guidance will hear your plea and give you sage advice. Gain 2 preparation that can only be used to further the completion of your quest. *On a 7-9, as 10+, but gain only 1 preparation. *On a 6-, you still get 1 preparation, but the task will be harder than you thought. The GM will tell you how.

Resilient Oath
Take +1 to Last Breath rolls for as long as you are bound by an oath.