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The Rise of Ri’leth

The session ended yesterday with a bang, and since the story was concluded, I’ll post my fronts here as promised, along with a nifty monster I made that the players luckily avoided.

Adventure Front: The Rise of Ri’leth

A mysterious cult is attempting to free their long forgotten god from his eternal prison.


  • Dunstan, the mayor of Threebridges
  • Madwich, the cult leader
  • Ri’leth, the vulture demon prince


  • Can Ri’leth be permanently banished?
  • What did Olive, the mayors daughter, find out that got her killed?

Danger: The Cult of Ri’leth

Impulse: To free their god
Grim Portents

  • Madwich creates more abominations
  • The cult prepares the ritual
  • Human sacrifices are made

Impending Doom: The prison is opened.

Danger: Ri’leth, the vulture demon prince

Impulse: To escape his prison
Grim Portents

  • An otherworldly portal opens
  • Demons spill through
  • The seal is broken>/li>

Impending Doom: Ri’leth is let loose upon the world once more.

Comments on the front

The trouble with publishing fronts is that they are filled with innuendo. My players would probably understand almost everything I’ve written above, but an “outsider” would probably not understand the meaning of a lot of it.

“The seal is broken” made sense in the fiction (and I’m pretty sure that my players are aware that it happened), but it doesn’t make much sense out of context. I’ll make a session report later. Hopefully it will make the intend behind most of it clear.

Ri’leth, the Demon Prince

This is the stats on Ri’leth. I made them in case he’d escape, which luckily didn’t happen. His moves are evil, one of them horribly detrimental, and he just has a lot of those nasty tags.

Instead of fumbling around with HTML code, I’ll just post a link to the Dungeon World Codex entry: Ri’leth, the Demon Prince of Chaos!


Final finishes to my fronts

I revised my fronts made for the three-shot (it keeps escalating, I know…). It seemed that I had a minor misunderstanding of how it worked.

I thought that the grim portents were tied to all the dangers, not that the dangers had their own grim portents. I don’t know how I got that mixed up, but it certainly explains why the book suggests making so few.

I hope we get done today (No Eric and Bastien, I’m not trying to get rid of you), if only because I’ve learned a lot about GMing for Bastien and Eric, and I really want to run more one-shots over hangouts, where I use this newly acquired wisdom. Actual one-shots, not these drawn-out pseudo-campaigns.

I plan to make a post containing all the things I’ve learned from this “campaign”, as soon as it is done. If they don’t stop the cult tonight, I’m very tempted to make a “rock falls” on them. Seriously, I’ve been a big softie so far. Time to show them some real steel.

Or maybe not…

As we didn’t finish the adventure at all last Thursday, I’ll refrain from posting the front for the time being. After the adventure is done, it’ll get posted.

I’ll make an update about the second session later, when I have enough time. Lets just say that I’d wish that my players had better dice skills.

Second half of the “two-shot”

So, I’m doing some prep for the second session now. I don’t want to over-prepare since the premise for this game is improvisation. I will make a front though.

I mean, I know what the cultists are currently planning, and to some extend the players do too. To make the story meaningful to the players, I will have to make the Impending Doom horrible, something that must be avoided at all cost. Something that only the players can put a stop to.

I think I’ll start with my Stake Questions, the questions I want answered by the players. I feel this will be a pretty solid start. I’ll post my front here when the adventure is completed.

Prepare for the onslaught!

I was answering a question about Story Deadlocks on a Q&A site. You can see the question here.

I suggested converting the game to a front, if he met a deadlock. During my answer I made a very short guide, ending with an example. It was intended to be non-system-specific, which influences it a little.

You can read the final draft of my example below, and if executed right, this adventure can get very “Siege Troll Friendly”. Read the Impending Doom if you are confused. Enjoy!

Beyond the Dark Portal

Danger: Hordes: Barbarians (Impulse: to plunder and pillage)

Impending Doom: The city of Whateverthenameburg is crushed by the barbarian onslaught!

Grim Portents

  • Several smaller villages has been sacked, survivors flees to Whateverthenameburg.
  • Werewolves prowl the countryside, slaughtering people and cattle alike!
  • The city of Whateverthenameburg declares Martial Law after riots among refugees.

Stake questions

  • What lies on the other side of the Dark Portal?
  • What is Chieftain Gobzug’s motive to destroy Whateverthenameburg?
  • How are the werewolves connected to the horde?


  • Chieftain Gobzug, of the Bear Clan.
  • Suntog, the Shaman.
  • One-Eye Longfang, werewolf pack alpha.