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Communities And People In Conflict

OK, it’s been slow lately, I’ll acknowledge that. The exams have been tough on me, but luckily they’re over soon.

As an apology, I’m sharing this crazy interesting post I stumbled upon. It’s really thoughtful, and it actually made my stomach turn a little. Can’t explain why. Enjoy!


A new agenda

No, not like a new Dungeon World GM Agenda. I just wanted to inform everyone that I’m going to add custom content six days per week from now on, even if it’s something simple like a move.

I feel this is going training for myself, as it is helpful when improvising during the game. Especially with the monster moves and such.

If I can’t make it one day, I vow to make up for it over time, double posting one day if necessary. Unless I’m on vacation of course 😉

I hope you will find the material both useful and enjoyable!

Some cleanup

I changed the names of two of my posts, mainly because they were boring. I hope this doesn’t annoy anyone, but “Lesson Learned X” was kind of dull.

Making Dead-Sexy Dungeon Tiles

So I found this video on making “dead-sexy” maps for role-playing in general. I’m going use these tricks for my dungeon tiles. Enjoy!

Game time: Zero…

It’s some time since my last post. My spare time has been precious little since the baby came, and that means the online campaign was a little hard to get up and running. I fear it might come to nothing.

I will try and run some one-shots when I can, and I will of course make some future posts about it, just not now. My wife is taking a vacation at her mothers house in a week or two, and I’ll probably get a group together during that time to play.

I suspect the amount of additional free time in this period to be quite overwhelming, so role-playing measures most be taken so that I won’t die from depression or overeating.

Life intervenes

I probably won’t write any longer posts in the foreseeable future, due to, well… life.

I have a major headache finishing an assignment that’s due January 5th, and to complicate matters further, my wife could give birth to my firstborn any time now.

Because of this, I will focus my effort mostly on getting the assignment done. I have no idea how much time I will have to finish it when the kid comes.

I will probably post something here anyway, but mostly because I need breaks from the brain hemorrhage that is my assignment. They will probably revolve around orcs, since I have some plans to re-launch the orc as a player race for DW, with Racial Moves and all that.

Happy holidays!

On Partial Success

Hi there, and welcome to Partial Success!

This blog will serve as a place for me to write down my experiences and thoughts on Dungeon World, but it will probably contain an occasional rant or comment on other related subjects, such as RPG’s in general, and especially my thoughts on being a GM. Mostly it will be about my efforts as a GM though.

Why did I start this blog? Well, because I find gaming to be incredibly hard. Hard because I’m a RPG-enthusiast that have a very clear idea about what I’m looking for in a game, and can’t seem to coax it forth when I’m being a GM. Also, it happens to be very hard for me to find groups that want to play the same “game” as me.

Why is it called Partial Success? The name is derived from the popular name that is given to the “Success with Complications” outcome in Dungeon World. For those who doesn’t know about DW, it’s one of the key features; success is not measured on a binary scale. You don’t either win or lose. You often win, and more often at a cost.

To me it’s the same being a GM. It’s rarely a success, but it’s never really a failure. It’s exactly that; a partial success. You don’t do everything right, but you surely don’t do everything wrong. If the players had fun, it’s great, but I rarely leave a gaming table without regrets about how I handled some things.

This blog will therefore most often be about my regrets. This might sound a little dramatic, but it’s really just a way for me to show the mistakes I’ve made, and how I would have done it different after thinking hard about it, with a hope that someone else can learn from it.

My background in gaming might not be as deep as a lot of other bloggers’. I started playing RPG’s back in 2004, where I played a home brew system created mainly by my GM at the time. Since then, I have played a lot of different systems, including World of Darkness, old and new, D&D 3.5 and 4th edition, as well as Shadowrun 3rd edition, a lot of indie systems and my latest love, Dungeon World.

It isn’t what I have played that makes this blog relevant though, it’s what I like. By large, the gaming system doesn’t really matter, unless it coaxes play that I dislike. So what do I like? It’s more a matter of what I hate. I deeply resent…

  • … when GM’s doesn’t allow meaningful interaction. I’ve wasted too much of my life playing games where all the action was focused around the “awesome NPC’s”, while the PC’s just stood there and watched.
  • … railroading. It really follows the same idea as above. I am not sitting down at a table to play the GM’s carefully planned out story, I’m sitting down to play our story. Roleplaying is a collaborative effort, treat it as such, damnit!
  • … the thought that it’s “the GM’s game”. If you invite someone to play at your table, it’s their game as well. Everyone should have equal say.
  • … focus on arbitrarily defined “realism”, when it hurts the story or fun of the game. I believe realism to deeply be overrated, since we are not playing a physics simulator. Ironically, for that matter, it also seems to be very subjective.

If you do not agree with the above, I can respect that. Gaming is a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. This blog will most likely not be for you though.

This said, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!

– Undreren